Police warn of 'embarrassing' internet scam

GPD: Video chat with woman escalates into 'adult encounter,' blackmail scam


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Gainesville police are warning young men about an “embarrassing” scam.

On its Facebook page Friday, the Gainesville Police Department posted a scam alert that involved an attractive young lady (usually from the Philippines) befriending a young man on Facebook and then video chatting with him.

According to police, the video chat escalates rapidly to “more of an adult encounter,” and then the “newfound girlfriend” says she wants money (usually with a comma in the figure) to not make the video public.

“These crimes generally originate from outside of the US, so prosecuting, much less investigating these incidents is next to impossible,” GPD said in the post. “So please, gentlemen, be smart. Don't show something to someone you don't know over the internet that would make your mother blush.”

The post went on to quote the Bangor Maine Police Department's tips for men who find themselves in such an encounter:

  • Go to the closest mirror.
  • Look at yourself.
  • Give yourself an honest review and realize that there is no reason in the world that an attractive lady from the Philippines wants to be your friend.
  • Return to the computer and delete the friend request.
  • Continue looking at lawn mowers, motorcycles and jacked-up trucks that are for sale in your region of the country.
  • Realize that you just saved yourself from showing the world what no one really needs to see, and a whole lot of cash.
  • "This is a scam and you will look stupid being shown around the office doing something that you really cannot take back," the Bangor police said. "Once it is out there, we can do nothing for you."

    Gainesville police emphasized that “if it seems to good to be true, it usually is.”