Another El Faro family settles with ship's owner

29 of 33 families have now settled with TOTE Maritime


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Another family of a victim of the El Faro disaster has settled with TOTE Maritime, the owner of the ship that sank in a hurricane Oct. 1, 2015, after losing propulsion near the Bahamas on its way from Jacksonville to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

All 33 aboard died.

The family of Jack Edwards Jackson is the 29th family of an El Faro victim who has settled. In court documents, the family received a settlement of $500,000 plus an agreed-upon amount for economic losses. 

Coast Guard and National Transportation Safety Board hearings into the sinking of the El Faro concluded Friday. While a definitive timeline for the completion of the investigation has not been determined, it could be months ore even a year before final findings from the Coast Guard and National Transportation Safety Board are revealed.