Nutrition is key for Gate River Run preparation

Hydration a focus in day before race

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Gate River Run is March 11, and over 20,000 participants are expected to compete in the nation's largest 15K race. News4Jax's Melanie Lawson continues her preparation for the race, this week with a focus on nutrition.

Ron Burgess is a long-time runner, but this will be his first year competing in the Gate River Run. He plans on sticking to his pre-race routine, one that has worked for him for years.

"My routine is to get up in the morning and have two or three three cups of coffee and then a banana and hydrate a lot while I am there," Burgess said. "When I get back, yogurt and berries and granola a hard boiled egg."

What you put in your body matters, and so does how much water you drink in the day leading up to the race.

"Making sure you get that water is so important," said Erin Dankworth of the Ponte Vedra YMCA. For every 30 minutes of exercise you need 12 extra ounces of water. The day before (the race) you want to drink as much water as you can take in."

Traditionally, racers carbo-load before long races, that is take in a lot of carbohydrates the night before the race.

"That's true. 50 to 55 percent of your caloric intake should be carbs," Dankworth said. "But be sure you aren't overeating. Don't change your diet the day before. Keep with your routine."

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