Rash of car burglaries in Julington Creek

2 juveniles arrested in connection

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – Two juveniles are arrested in connection to a rash of car burglaries, that involved the theft of six firearms.

The thieves are going car to car pulling on door handles to see which ones are unlocked. News4Jax crime and safety analyst Gil Smith said neighbors appear to be too comfortable with their surroundings.

"The reason people aren't locking their car doors is because these criminals are hitting areas that have not been hit," Smith said. "People are thinking this is a safe area and no one is going to come here to steal weapons."

St. Johns County deputies reported six firearms were stolen from vehicles in the last couple of weeks. Five have since been recovered.

One resident said she caught the burglars creeping into her shed.

"There were two guys coming out," Alex Smith said. "Not sure what they were looking for but I sent the dogs after them."

Gil Smith has a bit of advice to encourage people to lock their doors.

"If you lock it where you leave it, you'll find it where you left it," Smith said.