City Council approves funding for body camera equipment, rape kit testing

Both bills pass unanimously


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville City Council on Tuesday night unanimously approved two bills concerning public safety.

Voters were 17 in favor and zero opposed on both bills.

One affects the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, which is getting ready to start using body cameras.

The passing of 2017-56 gives money from the general fund to JSO to replace some network equipment. 

The Sheriff's Office needs much more memory in its system to implement body cameras and to store the video. 

The bills says JSO is operating with old equipment, some of which "expired" in 1999. The bill sends $2.7 million to JSO. 

The City Council also passed 2017-51. The bill takes about $880,000 from the State Attorney's Office budget in order to test sexual assault kits.

The measure relates to a federal program and will pay for two cold case detectives who will work exclusively on sexual assault kit backlogs. 


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