Councilman explains why Riverside Park duck pond has gone green


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Many people concerned about high algae levels at the Riverside Park duck pond asked News4Jax to look into why the pond has gotten greener and smellier recently.

City Councilman Jim Love said it's because one of two aerators that pumps oxygen into the pond to keep the water clean is broken.

Love said the Parks Department will be fixing the aerator and putting in a request to purchase two more aerators for the pond.

“Unfortunately it's going to be in the next budget (in) September,” Love said. “It's about $2,000 per aerator, so $4,000 expense. That's not a lot to keep it smelling nice and looking good and keep the fish from dying.”

The last time the pond was drained and cleaned was 12 years ago.

Love said that's a very expensive process.