River Run Inspiration-Caroll Sharp

'Streaker' set for his 40th running of the race

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Carroll Sharp is a streaker.

He is one of 41 runners who have run the Gate River Run every year since its inception, a streak of four decades. At 72 years old, he has overcome a number of hurdles to keep the streak alive.

“One year I had a broken toe a couple of weeks before the race,” Sharp said. “With a broken toe, all they do is tape it to the next one and I struggled through that one.”

Sharp admitted that he didn’t set out to run every race. But once he

He stays fit by bicycling and volunteering at the Mayo Clinic pushing wheelchairs.

In 2006, he created another streak.

“I was running along and having some fun with the crowd and saw a lady waving a flag,” Sharp said. “I asked her if she knew anyone running in the race and she said ‘No.’ I introduced myself and had her husband take our picture. Since then, I’ve seen the same lady in the same place in San Marco and it’s always a joy for my daughter and I to see Millie and her husband. I’ll look for her again this year.