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Preparing for the nation's largest 15K


I'm training for the Gate River Run, the largest 15K in the country is March 11 and it's time to focus on preparation.  I'll update my training blog here and share my experiences as I get ready for the big race. 

March 9

The race is just two days away. Here are some tips for your final preparations for Saturday's Gate River Run.


March 3

Gate River Run is a week away.  This week we talked about attire and how not to get seduced by the expo.  There are great deals on shoes, clothes, socks, everything you need for the run, but Erin Dankworth with the YMCA warned not to start anything new on the day of the run.  Practice in it first and make sure it works.

This weekend it's supposed to be chilly so I'm going to knock out 7 miles on Saturday and then a few short runs before the big day.  Happy running! 

February 22

The Gate River Run is a little more than 2 weeks out and I got some delicious training in this weekend.  I'm still a little behind on my long runs.  I needed to get to 6 miles last weekend - I did 5.  But I'm consistently training daily so I'm getting my overall miles in.  I'm going to just enjoy it and not put a lot of pressure on myself to get a specific time.   I will get to 6 miles this week - hopefully 7 by Sunday. 

What joy! Do you sense the sarcasm? 

February 17

I've run 10 miles this week so far and plan to run 8 more miles before the week is over.   My challenge is preparing for the bridges, which takes this particular run to another level, that requires training.

During this week's training run Erin Dankworth the YMCA Wellness Experience Director pushed me.

Usually, I average a mile in 10 minutes but today it was 9:20, and the last mile only took 9 minutes. Training with a partner really does help to push you in ways you probably wouldn't push yourself.  This weekend, I still have to get in a long run.  It's hard to get away with the two kids but it's down to the wire people.  Let's do this!!

Every Thursday on The Morning Show you can catch me running with Erin Dankworth giving you advice on how to maximize training. This week we tackled preventing and treating injuries. Next week: eating to run.

February 9

I was focused on my 4 miles of training run. Erin keeps me motivated to run. We talked about the benefits of having friends and family training together. Be sure to check back every week to keep up to speed on my training, and hopefully, you will be able to incorporate some of the lessons that Erin shares with us to help you prepare for the race.



February 2

With five weeks to go until the Gate River Run, Erin and I talked about preparing for one of the toughest obstacles at the run, the bridges.



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