Senate moves quickly on redistricting bill

(Ap photo by Chris O'Meara)

After contentious legal battles before the 2016 elections, the Senate appears poised to quickly approve a bill that would address what happens when redistricting cases are unresolved in election years.

The full Senate is scheduled Wednesday to take up the bill (SB 352), filed by Sen. Travis Hutson, R-Elkton.

The proposal deals, at least in part, with which boundaries would be used when legal challenges to redistricting plans are pending.

For example, it would have the effect of ensuring that legislative boundaries in place at qualifying time would be used in that year's primary and general elections, according to a Senate staff analysis.

The legal battles in recent years stemmed from the Fair Districts anti-gerrymandering constitutional amendments approved by voters in 2010.

The battles resulted in the redrawing of Senate and congressional districts before the 2016 elections.