Planning can improve chances of landing summer jobs

Teens, students, military advised to focus on personal, professional brand

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Teenagers or college students looking for a summer job, adults who have recently been laid off and military service personnel who are moving into the civilian work force can benefit from a plan as they search for a summer job.

Candace Moody of CareerSource NEFL said that depending on the point in life a job-seeker finds themselves, there are some key factors that must be addressed.

"For teens, it’s important to have their transportation worked out," Moody said. "Reliability is one of the most important things that they can show an employer."

Also, for job seekers of any age, being prepared for some of the more common questions asked in interviews can give you an advantage.

"They can hire just about anybody, so ‘I just need a job and need the money’ is not a great interview answer," Moody said.

Moody said that each applicant should consider their personal and professional brand, which she said consists of three components: what you are, meaning your personality, what you do, meaning your profession, and what you know, which is industry specific knowledge.

For military veterans in particular, some industry specific knowledge may not translate to the civilian workforce, so Moody recommends emphasizing other positive traits.

"You have to really understand how to emphasize the first two parts about your personal brand, so that the discount on the third part is a little bit less in the market," Moody said.