Restaurant owner explains why he was killing roaches during inspection

Restaurant Report Card

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Middle Eastern restaurant was shut down for the night because of roaches found in the kitchen.  The inspector wrote the owner was killing the bugs as he saw them.

The owner of Falafel and Gyro King talked with us openly and gave Channel 4 a tour of  the kitchen where the inspector found the roaches. He didn't want the interview recorded, and didn't want to use his name,  but he answered all of our questions about the bug problem.  He says the bugs are no longer an issue.

More than dozen roaches were found throughout the kitchen.  The inspector wrote at least seven live roaches were found on clean dishes that were stored on a plastic rack near the sink.  

The owner said he knew there was a problem but he personally was fighting it.  He also explained the plates were clean but they always wash them a second time before they're used.

Five more bugs were found inside a container in the wall holding sanitizer test strips, according to the inspection report. The owner explained the container was taped to the wall and the glue was attracting bugs

He took us back to the kitchen where the roaches were found.  He showed us the area above the sink where he used to keep those test strips.  He said he took down the container because of the pest problem. 

He also said he does his own pest control using some of  the same products that commercial companies use, explaining that he since changed what he uses because of the bug problem.

The next day the inspector came back and found another roach on the dish rack.  It was just one, but the state requires the restaurant be bug-free in order to open back up.

Later that afternoon, on the third visit, Falafel and Gyro King was approved to reopen.  It passed with zero violations.

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