Dogs burned in wildfire released from Jacksonville animal hospital

Ashley, Harley to continue recovering at vet near Flagler County home

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Two dogs burned in a Flagler County wildfire last month have been released from St. Francis Animal in Jacksonville, where they underwent hyberbaric treatment. 

Ashley, a coonhound, went back to her vet in Flagler County last week. Harley, a Great Dane, was transferred back to the vet near his home Tuesday.

Both dogs were badly injured in the 35-acre fire, which started March 24 west of Bunnell. Their families weren't home at the time and they became trapped when the flames took over their fenced-in yard. 

"I saw the Facebook post of him (Harley) and his brother (Ashley) were caught in those fire and I knew that hyperbaric would be very helpful for these guys and help them heal a lot faster," said Angela Scott with St. Francis. 

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The dogs were taken on April 3 from Flagler County to St. Francis. Employees volunteered to put the dogs through several rounds in Jacksonville's only hyperbaric chamber for pets. 

"(Their burns) were pretty bad. We would classify them as second- to third-degree burns," Scott said. 

Harley spent about 30 hours over the last week inside the hyperbaric chamber, which is basically a way for vets to give him 100 percent pure oxygen so that his wounds could heal a lot faster. 

In a hyperbaric chamber, the air pressure is raised to three times higher than normal air pressure. The oxygen helps reduce inflammation, speeds up wound healing and treats smoke inhalation.

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"He has probably been in there, probably, about 16 times," Scott said. 

Now the two dogs are on the mend. Ashley went home last week and Harley was transferred Tuesday to the Flagler Animal Hospital -- closer to home. 

"I'm going to be very sad to see him go," Scott said.

But it's a good thing, because it means Harley is doing better. 

"He's already getting up. He is starting to play. He has definitely come into his personality just in the last three days," Scott told News4Jax on Tuesday. 

According to the vets, Harley should be close to normal again in a few weeks. And soon enough, they hope he'll make a full recovery.

"Dogs don't hold any grudges," Scott said. 

St. Francis Animal Hospital is a nonprofit organization that relies on donations. Anyone who would like to help can call 904-674-7223 or visit the "Ways to Help" page on St. Francis Animal Hospital's website.

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