Vilano Beach renourishment project underway

Multimillion dollar project will replace sand eroded away in storms

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – A multimillion dollar renourishment project that will move enough sand onto the shore to fill 76 Olympic-sized swimming pools is underway in Vilano Beach.

Sunbathers, lifeguards and people enjoying the ocean waves were still visible parts of the landscape at Vilano Beach on Tuesday.

But something else is also visible along the coastline: construction equipment.

The county hopes the renourishment project will restore much of the sand lost during Hurricane Matthew and in the months and years leading up to that major storm.

At least 250,000 cubic yards of sand will be pumped onto the beach from the sea floor through pipes, which can already be seen along the shore.

County officials said they hope the project will be completed by the end of May so the beach can be back to normal before the busy summer months.

Pedestrian access is limited in the area, but beachgoers can still get across the pipes in some areas.

Vehicle access has also been closed for both Vilano Beach and Porpoise Point.