Callahan man charged with stalking, kidnapping

Bobby Joe Gleaton arrested Sunday on slew of charges, deputies say


NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. – A Callahan man faces several charges, including stalking and kidnapping, after an incident Sunday, the Nassau County Sheriff's Office said.

The situation started when the wife of Bobby Joe Gleaton called deputies, reporting a domestic disturbance.

The woman said she and another man walked to the Kangaroo Express on Lem Turner Road to wait for a cab for the man, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

The woman had locked her home before she left, but when she arrived back at the house, on Lawhon Road, she saw her husband driving by, deputies said.

That’s when the woman noticed the front door of the home was unlocked and several items were missing, investigators said.

A few minutes later, she heard honking outside and saw Gleaton, 39, coming into the home through her broken bedroom window, according to an arrest report.

The wife told deputies Gleaton hit her in the face, causing bruising on the right side, and then he forced her out of the home by placing a rope around her neck and trying to get her into a vehicle, deputies said.


Deputies looking into the case saw two scratches on each side of the woman’s neck.

She then told investigators that Gleaton drove to a motel to find the man that she had walked to the Kangaroo Express. Gleaton told his wife he was trying to get money he thought the man had stolen from him, deputies said.

The wife told deputies she didn't have a cellphone available on which to call 911, but she convinced her husband to return to the home.

She told her roommate -- who was aware of Gleaton's no-contact order -- about the situation as soon as she could, and that woman called 911. Gleaton took off, but deputies caught up with him a short time later.

He denied any involvement. Gleaton was under the influence of a narcotic at the time, deputies said.

The wife’s roommate also told authorities she noticed her left tail light on her vehicle was broken -- and said she believes Gleaton did it, because he thinks her fiance is sleeping with his wife, according to the arrest report.


Gleaton denied this to deputies too. A witness told deputies she heard a sound like glass shattering.

Deputies said Gleaton was arrested March 17 on a domestic battery charge. He was accused of victimizing his wife and released only on the condition that he have no contact with her.

Gleaton now faces charges of aggravated stalking with a violation of his court order, a felony; kidnapping, a felony; criminal mischief, a misdemeanor; a violation of his domestic violence conditions, a misdemeanor; and battery/domestic violence, a misdemeanor.