Hostage suspect told police: 'I got guns; don't play with me'

Hear 911 calls, hostage negotiations from credit union hostage situation

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Evidence in the case against a man accused of holding 13 hostages at gunpoint inside a credit union in December includes audio of the man threatening to kill his hostages and 911 calls from some of the panicked customers.

"We are getting robbed. Please help us," one caller inside the Community First Credit Union on Edgewood Avenue said.

"I got 26 guns in here. Don't ****** play with me," the gunman told police on the phone.

Nicholas Humphrey, 23, has pleaded not guilty to charges of armed robbery, kidnapping and auto theft. He remains in jail without bond.

Last month, News4Jax obtained surveillance video clearly showing the gunman rounding up the customers and moving them into back rooms. In this new release of evidence in the case, there are photos taken by Jacksonville Sheriff's Office crime scene technicians of the damage left inside the credit union.

"Listen, you bring that cat truck any closer here, I'm trying to tell you, I will put somebody's brains all over," the gunman told the police.

"Who am I talking to?" the negotiator asked.

"It doesn't matter who. You are talking to the man in charge," the gunman replied.

Police knew the man had at least one gun. He claimed he had dozens.

Gunman's conversation with hostage negotiator (Warning: offensive language) | 911 calls
Detectives question Humphry
| SJO evidence photos

The caller said he wanted his family brought to the scene. He also said he was watching events unfold on TV. But really what worried negotiators is when the man they believe was Humphrey stopped talking and police could hear a fight inside.

That was a diversion that allowed the SWAT team to move in and rescue the hostages. In a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office interrogation room after his arrest, Humphrey slept for over an hour, but when questioned, admitted that he was robbing the credit union to pay back money to his ex-wife.

Detective: "What made you shoot into the ceiling? Was that an accident? Were you trying to make sure you had everybody's attention or what?

Humphrey: "It was definitely an accident. That was my first. I was like, 'How's this damn thing work?' I did not know how old it was."

Detective: "It probably scared the hell out of you."

Humphrey: "It did. It did. I screamed with the other people."

Humphrey told investigators he found the gun in the car he stole, but detectives do not believe that.

Humphrey is due in court next month.

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