Hair frizz: dealing with humidity and your hair

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.Spring is in full swing and summertime heat is on the horizon.

With high winds and humidity, it is inevitable that your hair will be under attack.

Kenyatta Harris, manager of Blo Blow Dry Bar said that there are several ways to combat frizz in Florida: using a good leave-in product, lightweight hair products and oils to prevent weighing down the hair.

Harris recommends using products that will moisturize and condition hair. Using several products is a step in the right direction to combat frizz; however, she said there is a proper way to use products to achieve healthy tresses.

“It is very important to protect hair from UV damage when swimming at the beach or poolside,” especially on those long summer days, she said.

Harris said hair tools should be chosen correctly. “The correct hair brush can minimize hair damage and frizz, and a flat iron will smooth the hair shaft, resulting in a sleek hairstyle,” she said.

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