House fire shoots through roof in Northwest Jacksonville

Neighbor captures scene on video

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – An early-morning fire in Northwest Jacksonville on Thursday shot flames through the roof of a home in the Creston subdivision on Dewhurst Circle just east of Braddock Road.

A neighbor captured the flames on a cellphone video.

The home was set to go on sale Thursday, but Jacksonville Fire and Rescue said it is a total loss.

The house previously had renters living in it, but they moved out 10 days before the fire, according to the property manager.

The family was renting the house because their house in Nassau County caught fire a few months ago.

The fire was not something realtor Taghi Shoaei expected to see. 

"I'm just surprised because I was supposed to put it on the market today for sale,” Shoaei said. “As it goes, you never really know what can happen in real estate."

Multiple fire crews were called to the tscene. Firefighters said things started out well, but the flames spread to areas that they couldn't reach, and they had no choice but to pull the firefighters out and use ladders.

Neighbors said they were thankful that it didn't spread to their homes. 

The cause of the fire is under investigation by the state fire marshal, but firefighters don't think there is a reason to be suspicious.

"Nobody got hurt, (because) the house was vacant,” Shoaei said. “Everything can be replaced except life."

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