Sentence pending for man who beat Navy vet

William Lodge found guilty of aggravated assault; his wife acquitted

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The man found guilty last month of beating a Navy veteran outside an Arlington American Legion lodge is still waiting to find out how much time he will spend in jail.

The judge was being asked by both sides to waive the minimum sentence of three years and he told William Lodge, 60, that he needed more time to decide his fate.

Surveillance video from inside the American Legion showed the bar before the fight, where Lodge was flipping coasters at the bartender. That started a ruckus that spilled outside of camera range

After a late start to the hearing, Lodge apologized to Charles Hughes, the victim of the beating, Hughes' family and the court, saying he shouldn't have of done it. Hughes testified that he just wanted this to be over.

"I wouldn't say it was a change of heart," Hughes' attorney said after the hearing. "I think a statement spoke for itself -- that the guilty verdict from the jury was what the victim was looking for justice.

The judge took the testimony under advisement and will return later this month to decide on a sentence.

At last month's trial, Lodge's wife, Terry, was found not guilty in the assault.

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