Shots fired near Gainesville nightclub

(File photo)

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Shots were fired during a large fight in the parking lot west of a nightclub on University Blvd. early Thursday morning, Gainesville police said.

At 1:45 a m., a large fight broke out in the parking lot west of Rain Nightclub, Gainesville police said. Witnesses told police that a man walked up to the fight and fired several shots into the air with a handgun, scattering the crowd in all directions.

Other witnesses observed a man drop a gun at 200 SW 1st St. and then get into a white vehicle and flee westbound, police said.

There are no known shooting victims and police said the suspects are unidentified.  Police say they recovered two guns, one live bullet with a light primer strike and one spent shell casing from the scene. The second gun was found on the sidewalk near the front of Loosey’s bar on NW 2nd St. That gun was found to have been stolen during a vehicle burglary last year.