Surveillance video captures attack on musician in 5 Points

Shane Kelley hospitalized with injuries after being attacked by 3 men

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – An attack on a musician earlier this month in one of Jacksonville’s most popular entertainment districts, 5 Points, was captured on surveillance footage.

Video shows the 26-year-old man being taken to the ground by three men, who begin to beat and kick him, about 1:30 a.m. on the sidewalk outside several bars.

Shane Kelley, who was hospitalized with multiple injuries that he suffered in the attack, told News4Jax on Friday that he believes he was targeted.

Kelley said he believes the reason the three bouncers, who work at one of the bars on Park Street, attacked him is because they just don't like him. 

"It's been aggravating, you know, obviously insulting. It's been all kinds of emotions, really," Kelley said. 

Surveillance video from a nearby business recorded the unexpected attack unfolding from beginning to end. 

Just seconds before he was assaulted, Kelley said another street musician offered to let him take his guitar and play a song.

"I go back, and I grab the guitar, and put it around my neck, and that's when one of the dudes comes up behind me and delivers a pretty solid blow to the back of my head. And I think he was obviously aiming to knock me out," Kelley said. 

Jacksonville attorney John Phillips, who is representing Kelley, said they're investigating to determine if the men were on the job as bouncers when they assaulted the 26-year-old. 

"There's definitely going to be litigation, both criminal and civil," Phillips said. "There's no business for that. Riverside and the 5 Points area has had too many episodes of violence. We need to figure out how we can handle that as a society. And if it takes lawyers, it takes lawyers."

Kelley said his attackers have a history of violence, and he hopes he'll be the last of their victims. 

"It's, like, 'Grow up. Live your life. If you have that much of a problem with everybody that you need to regulate what's going on in other people's lives, then, like, dude, you must have a pretty sorry life,'" he said. "Anybody who ever had a problem with anybody, if you really have to take it to the point where you really need to fight somebody, you fight them like a man -- one-on-one, face to face. That's just the way that I would look at it. You know, I think the whole sneaking up behind, gaining up on people is cowardice."

The State Attorney's Office is reviewing the case to determine if charges are warranted against the three men, whose names have not been released.