Mahatma Gandhi's grandson to speak at Jacksonville event

Arun Gandhi speaks at annual Celebration Luncheon hosted by Girls Inc.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A peace activist and author is bringing the legacy of his grandfather, Mahatma Gandhi, to Jacksonville.

Arun Gandhi spoke with “The Morning Show” about his message of peace and his appearance Tuesday at the annual Celebration Luncheon hosted by Girls Inc. at the WJCT studios.

Girls Inc. is an area organization committed to providing positive role models and helping girls achieve their dreams and goals.

“Organizations like Girls Inc. are very important, because they provide safe places for girls to grow and learn, they provide positive role models and mentors to help girls achieve their dreams and goals and they expose girls to all kinds of different careers to help them find interesting jobs so they can take care of themselves and their families,” Gandhi said.

When asked about his grandfather’s legacy and advocacy for women’s rights, Gandhi said he thinks of his grandfather as the first feminist.

“(Mahatma Gandhi) realized that if we keep half the population under subjugation and slavery, we will not be civilized human beings,” Gandhi said.

Gandhi added that he doesn’t think his grandfather would be happy with the way women still being treated in many societies, and that he would likely think societies should be further along.

Gandhi said he promotes peace and transformation when attending events like the Girls Inc. luncheon.

"It's all about becoming the change we want to see," Gandhi said.

Gandhi said he wants the attendees at the luncheon to know that they are the driving force for change in the future.

"You start with yourself. Find your weaknesses and transform those weaknesses into strengths," Gandhi said. “Whatever we do, it has to be constructive.”

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