Protesters want Rubio to demand Trump's tax returns

Tax Day protesters say release of returns would improve transparency

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Dozens of protesters gathered Tuesday outside U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio's Jacksonville office, calling for President Donald Trump to release his tax returns.

They said they chose Tax Day to express their concerns about the integrity of the White House.

The protesters, who held signs and flags, said transparency is needed and it would be good for the president to release his tax returns.

They went inside Rubio's office in small groups to meet with one of his top representatives and ask Rubio to demand Trump release his returns.

“While I realize it is not a law, there is a precedent for every presidential candidate to release their taxes,” said Mary Ann McKee of Indivisible Nassau. “So the fact that he has completely avoided that tradition, along with some others, is concerning just on the surface. Then when you go further, when you look at somebody's taxes, particularly with the business holdings that he has, and all the international places that he has, you can learn a lot about that.”

McKee said demanding Trump's returns is not about contesting the election result.

“We would like those released, not because we are disputing the election or the fact that he won, but right now there are a lot of ethics issues that we are concerned with and those would bring some of that to light,” McKee said.

The protesters said they were also picketing for a number of recent issues, like health care and cabinet members. 

Rubio's office released a statement about the protest:

“Anti-Trump activists have a right to protest, and most have done so in a civil and respectful way. Unfortunately, as they have in the past, the group today continued their pattern of loud demonstrations that disrupt others at surrounding offices, including the children at the pediatric behavioral clinic next door, and hinder their fellow Floridians’ ability to receive case work assistance from our office.”

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