2 people found unresponsive in suspected mobile meth lab


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Two adults were found passed out in a vehicle on the Westside Tuesday night. 

Police were called to what appeared to be an abandoned white SUV at the intersection of Ellis Road and Plymouth Street. It was parked in an empty lot with its doors open. 

Officers discovered an adult male and female passed out and unresponsive. Officers removed them from the vehicle.

"Upon further looking inside the vehicle, officers observed what appeared to be hazardous materials inside. The vehicle could possibly be a meth lab inside the car," JSO said. 

The officers and the adult, whose names have not been released, have been medically cleared by the Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department. The adults are conscious and appear to be cooperating with police. It's unknown if they will face any criminal charges. 

An investigation is ongoing to determine if the car is a meth lab. Quality air tests will be performed by detectives to learn if hazardous materials are present in the vehicle.