Deputies arrest man accused of trying to take photos up woman's skirt

David Talladay, 21, faces video voyeurism, battery charges

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – Deputies on Thursday arrested a man accused of trying to take photos up a woman's skirt last month in the Flagler Hospital parking lot, the St. Johns Sheriff's Office said. 

David Talladay, 21, is charged with video voyeurism and battery. 

Detectives said the incident happened three weeks ago, and they were able to track down the suspect by viewing surveillance video from the hospital in St. Augustine.

The woman who filed the complaint told News4Jax that Talladay followed her for several minutes as she was leaving a doctor's appointment at Flagler Hospital on March 31. She said he had his cellphone out, down in front of him, trying to get video underneath her skirt.

"This person followed me around with his phone extended and underneath the bottom of my dress," said the woman, who wished to remain anonymous. "I just feel like if you don't stand up for what is right, then who else would he do this to? I feel like it is my obligation to stand up to him." 

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The woman on Friday described what happened nearly a month ago, saying Talladay was at the hospital for his fiancee's OB-GYN appointment, but as she left the office, he followed her down the hall, into the elevator and all the way to the parking lot. 

"He was too close for it to be normal," she said.

She also said he touched her leg, and that's when she ran to get away. 

"That is a busy area, but there was no one else in the parking lot at the time. I started to wonder, 'Is this guy going to grab me? Is he going to shove me in a car?'" the woman said. 

She then told security and deputies, who said they used surveillance footage to identify Talladay. 

News4Jax also found that Talladay was arrested on a charge of video voyeurism just eight months ago when he was working at a St. Augustine Dunkin' Donuts.

A 19-year-old customer told deputies that he used his girlfriend's phone to take pictures up her skirt. The restaurant's manager said Talladay was fired and arrested.

Talladay on April 10 pleaded no contest to that charge, and was ordered on probation -- no jail time. 

"How many times has he done this and not been caught? Or it hasn't been reported?" asked the victim in last month's incident. 

The woman said she hopes he gets a more serious punishment this time. She also added that she's prepared if anyone else ever tries anything. 

Talladay now faces felony and misdemeanor charges as a result of the incident at the hospital.

He was booked into the St. Johns County Jail, but posted $17,000 bond Friday morning. 

News4Jax did call Talladay to get his side of the story, but the phone number in his arrest report was no longer working. 

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