Police looking for man luring kids with candy

Suspect described as in his 30s, driving dark blue SUV


ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – St. Johns County deputies are looking for a man who they say has been trying to lure children with candy.

According to investigators, on Saturday, the man tried luring at least one child into a car at the Whispering Woods apartment complex off State Road 207.

The mother of that little girl says the last three days have been tough after one of her four daughters was approached by that man outside their St. Johns County apartment.

“They're not allowed outside by themselves,” Ashley Palmer said. “My husband or their grandfather has to be outside with them at all given times, even the 13-year-old. They asked me why can't we walk home with our friends, why can't we walk home from school. This is exactly the reason why.”

Police say a man in his 30s in a dark blue SUV pulled up and offered the 7-year-old girl candy. Her mother says it didn’t stop there. She told police someone got out of the car and again asked if the girl wanted candy. The woman says her daughter went running back to the house screaming. She says she will be doing everything she can to keep all of her children safe.

Others in the neighborhood say this incident is concerning because of how many children live in the complex and play outside. Another complaint is that there are three separate ways to go in the complex, some saying the gates are never closed.