Caring for your lawn during drought conditions

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Get ready for another couple days on the way without much chance of rain. According to News4Jax meteorologist, Richard Nunn, that will only increase the drought conditions across the area.  Because of that, fire dangers will continue and yards will continue to suffer.

As you drive around town and look around at yards, you may notice that many of them are getting browner as the lack of rain continues to impact them. Experts say keeping them green can be difficult but, it is possible.

“The healthier the grass is, the less the problem.  The biggest part is starting with proper watering. Then, going to fertilizers and pest controls and things like that,” said Jennifer Phillips, the general manager at Trad's Garden Center.

To help get that healthy lawn, experts recommend watering your lawn on a schedule. That includes making sure your lawn is getting at least 1 inch of rain each time you water. The easiest way to do that is by using a rain gauge to make sure it is getting enough.

“Not watering properly is going to leave two plugs, fungus, and all kinds of other issues. So be wise- be water wise at the same time,” said Phillips.

The same goes for plants and flowers you have in your yard. Phillips said hand watering those can be the easiest way to make sure they stay alive without rain.

Watering restrictions are in place in our area. That means odd-numbered houses are allowed to water on Wednesday and Saturday. Even-numbered houses on Thursday and Sunday. Included in those restrictions is watering each zone for no more than one hour.