'Luxury' concert weekend in Bahamas turns into nightmare

EXUMAS, THE BAHAMAS – What was billed as a luxury concert in The Bahamas has turned into a living nightmare for those who paid thousands to attend. 

People who ponied up for tickets with exorbitant prices are now worried about being stuck in the islands without a way to get home.

Scheduled to take place over two weekends beginning Friday, the Fyre Festival on the island of Exumas was advertised as a high-end affair with appearances by major artists such as Blink-182, Migos, Major Lazers and more.

Rapper Ja Rule was one of the festival's organizers.

Instead, festival attendees who paid up to $12,000 per ticket for a non-VIP experience found conditions to be anything but luxurious upon their arrival on Thursday.

People took to social media to complain about a complete switcheroo from what was promoted. Luxury accommodations were actually tents with folding chairs and tables, while five-star food turned out to be two slices of bread, a couple slices of cheese and salad served in a Styrofoam boxes. 

Concertgoer Trevor DeHass told ABC News of the horrible conditions he and his party experienced upon arriving Thursday.

After waiting in line that never moved, DeHass says attendees were told to go claim a tent. The tents, which had been soaked by a rain storm, were located in what appeared to be a rock quarry.

DeHass added there was no security on the island and festival organizers could not be found, leaving local hires to deal with the complaints. 

Variety reports some concertgoers did not even make it to the site as the island was considered to be over capacity. Flights out of Miami were grounded.

To make matters worse, Blink 182 canceled their appearance, and there's no word on if any of the other acts were even scheduled to perform.

After using Twitter to claim they were working on the disappointing conditions, festival organizers eventually canceled the entire event Friday morning.

Organizers said they were also working "tirelessly" to get all the attendees home safely.