Russell Tillis in court again

Trial for assaulting police focuses on acquisition of surveillance video

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The man accused of murdering a woman and burying her in his yard faced a judge again today, but today the hearing was for Russell Tillis’ other charges of assaulting police.

Tillis has been in jail since May 2015 and Friday, his attorney argued that police withheld video evidence of the arrest from the defense. Originally, defense lawyers were told that no surveillance video existed, until they received some from a neighbor last year.

That neighbor was on the stand today testifying why there was confusion in when he released the video.
The neighbor thought he had released it to Jacksonville police, but defense lawyers say they never got it from police.

Under questioning form attorney's on Friday, Tillis' former neighbors, Brandon Daniels said that he did not have a vendetta or grudge against the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and didn't have a reason to lie to make the sheriff's office look bad.

Tillis will be back in court Tuesday morning to discuss both the case about assaulting police as well as his murder charge.


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