Lawmakers could approve lottery warnings


Lottery players in Florida would be warned about the addictive nature of the state-sponsored games, under a measure the Senate could approve Friday.

Senators took up the measure (HB 437) on Thursday and prepared it for a vote.

The House last week overwhelmingly passed the bill, which will go to Gov. Rick Scott if approved by the Senate.

The proposal would require vendors and retailers to print or place warnings on all lottery tickets and would require warnings on advertising for the lottery.

“We are going to send out a warning that says, `Be careful. You may have entered into something that might take away from some of the things that you do for your family, your ability to pay your bills, your ability to manage your finances,' “ said Sen. Doug Broxson, R-Gulf Breeze.

But other senators questioned the need for the legislation.

“Has there been any indication, or any study maybe, that would show that if we put this warning on there that it would decrease gambling in the state of Florida?” asked Sen. Bobby Powell, D-West Palm Beach.

Friday is the final day for non-budget related bills to be considered in the 2017 session.