Sheriff hosts Orange Park Mall Walk promoting safety, security measures

Sheriff went store-to-store talking to business owners, employees,customers,

GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. – Clay County Sheriff Daryl Daniels spent Saturday meeting with store workers and managers at the Orange Park Mall.

This was a “mall walk” which is a twist on a neighborhood crime walk where he meets with residents.

This walk was timely because of the recent teenage brawl caught on camera in the middle of the mall.

Despite that brawl, the sheriff’s office said this event was planned beforehand as a way for the sheriff to meet with mall employees.

The Sheriff’s Office said some of the things that were brought up by store workers in the mall were better lighting in the parking lot as well as a curfew for teens in the mall. Currently, there is not a curfew but the Sheriff’s office said some store managers expressed a desire to see a curfew for teenagers in the mall if they’re not accompanied by an adult.

“Enjoyed going out there and meeting with people,” said Angela Spears a spokesperson for the sheriff.

The Sheriff is also planning another walk at the mall later this week.