Jax Beach Thai restaurant temporarily shut down after inspector finds roaches

Restaurant Report

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Thai restaurant in Jacksonville Beach was temporarily shut down because of roaches. 

The bugs were inside and around an oven at Buddha's Belly Royal Thai Cuisine. The owner said there's a reason the roaches were there.

Guy Boonsanomg said the bugs were found there because it was an oven they weren't using at the time. There was one bug inside the oven and a dozen others in a gap between the oven and stove top.

Boonsanomg let Channel 4's cameras inside the kitchen because he wanted to set the record straight. He admitted he dropped the ball when it came to checking that particular piece of equipment because they weren't using it and it fell off the radar.

He said he has a pest control company that comes twice a month and even his exterminator was surprised by the problem. Boonsanomg said they were able to resolve the issue in just a few hours and he's made some changes to make sure bugs don't become an issue again.

"We will do our best to clean it, everything, even non-using equipment or we will remove what we don't use out of the restaurant, so we have only efficient kitchen," Boonsanomg said.

Boonsanomg said his focus is always on the customer.

"Our No. 1 concern is public safety and we do our best to serve our best to the community," Boonsanomg said.

The restaurant was able to open back up the next morning. The inspector found no high priority violations or ones that would put the public at risk. Buddah's Belly was able to reopen after it met inspection standards.

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