Lawmakers need one more day for budget

Recovery money from Hurricane Matthew could be coming to area

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – "One more day" is the cry from the state capitol as lawmakers who expected to complete the legislative session, have added Monday to their schedule.

That’s so they can vote on the Florida Budget which goes into effect July 1.

After 60 days of conversations, considerations, and deliberations, the House and Senate decided that they needed one more day for the Legislative Session.

Friday, both chambers reached an agreement and got the budget printed.

That means that a focus on the finality of what was, or wasn’t accomplished this spring in the state’s capitol.
St. Johns and Flagler County should see money to recover from Hurricane Matthew.

"Although it's still unofficial until we vote on the budget but we were able to get about $13.3 million in Beach Disaster Recovery funds to bring dollars back to the district," said Senator Travis Hutson. "Everybody knows who has seen the beaches, we lost a lot of sand so that was one of the big things I was working on with representatives of the area we think we're going to be successful."

Lawmakers in the House and Senate continued working on non-appropriations bills Friday, but then closed up shop. Once they vote on the budget, they’ll have to sweat it out with the Governor implying his veto pen could be ready to go.

"The governor is more than happy to veto a line item veto things he doesn't like," said state Rep. Jay Fant of Jacksonville. "If he doesn't like the overall budget he will veto it. And that's a risk. So the Senate and the house we have to be cognizant of that. If we give him a duck that he doesn't like he's going to kill it if we are judicious in this process and try to meet some of his goals along the way I think we will be just fine."

Governor Scott has continued to say that lawmakers haven't done what was supposed to do and doesn't know what's in the budget. But now that the budget is finalized getting printed he will have his chance to see it once approved Monday.

News4Jax Tallahassee correspondent said it can cost between $40,000 and $70,000 per day to extend a legislative session.

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