Woman claims I-95 construction damaged her home

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A woman claims the ongoing construction along Interstate 95 in St. Nicholas is ruining her home.

Christine Parker, who lives on Southampton Road within walking distance of the project, said heavy pounding, earth moving and other construction that's been going on for four years has caused her floors, walls and ceilings to crack. 

"My house is falling apart," Parker said. "The construction they've been doing (with) all the heavy pounding has ruined my home."

The damage is so severe -- she claims the home built in 1922 has shifted two inches in the last three years -- she got a quote that it will cost more than $25,000 to repair her foundation -- money she doesn't have.

"The city needs to do something," Parker said.

The construction company handling the Overland Bridge project said the woman's claims are not valid.

A Florida Department of Transportation spokesman said the contractor has been in contact with Parker since 2014 and evaluated her damage claims, but they were denied.

The project to build 2.3 miles of the interstate to the south of the Fuller Warren Bridge for $227 million is expected to be completed later this year.