Infants born the week of The Players getting special treatment

Baptist Health hospitals celebrating 'Players Babies'

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As The Players Championship approaches, local newborns are already getting into the spirit of golf. Babies born at Baptist Health hospitals are getting some unique Players swag.

Axle is just a day old and his dad thinks he's a hole in one.

"As soon as he's old enough to walk and stand and has enough balance he's going to have some golf clubs," said proud papa Jason Ritzert.

The Ritzert family is really into golf. Axle was under par - not due for another two weeks - but with the first round of The Players days away, it was "perfect timing for us," said his mother, Margret Ritzert.

His first outfit was perfect for the occasion, too.

"Being a former golfer myself, when they showed us that I was, like, 'there's my little man, the future golf champion,'" Jason Ritzert said.

Newborns at Baptist Health hospitals get a special onesie and blanket during the week of the tournament.

"It ties Mother's Day and golf, my husband's favorite passion, all into one," Margret Ritzert said.

The Ritzert family will soon be heading home and is looking forward to enjoying The Players Championship on TV with the new ace.

"The way he sleeps, he keeps his hands up there. He's so adorable and calm and mellow and he'll fit perfectly into our family with three girls already," Jason Ritzert said.