Thousands worth of jewelry, guns, ammunition stolen from Westside home

Homeowner says she's upset at burglars, at police for 2-hour response time


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – There's a neighborhood crime alert on Jacksonville's Westside, where thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, guns and ammunition from a home off 103rd Street.

The burglary happened early Monday morning while the homeowner of two years, Kristine Jefferson, was away. When she came home, she found her entire home had been turned upset down. 

"The first thing I spotted was my door had been pried open," Jefferson told News4Jax. "That's when I just opened the door and I looked over in the corner where I keep my shotgun and that was just gone."

Jefferson said the home was ransacked. 

"They ripped the cushions off. Over in the kitchen area, they took the cushions off, tore the boards off, to the point where the refrigerator was wide open and I had things all out on the floor," she said.

An Apple laptop, heirloom knives that had been used in the Vietnam War, a gun and $4,000 worth of jewelry had been taken from inside the home, according to Jefferson. 

"And then I started going straight for the shed to see where my other gun was at," she said. 

When she got to the shed, Jefferson said, she discovered that even more items had been stolen. 

"They got some ammunition, piles of ammunition (that was) right here. And yes, another gun stolen. This time, a shotgun was in this drawer," she said.

Jefferson said it's frustrating that someone was able to jump the fence and take items that she worked hard to purchase, but it's even more frustrating that she had to wait more than two hours for police officers to arrive after calling police at 1:45 a.m.

"I understand our officers are busy. But I am a priority too. I'm not a priority No. 4 like they told me," she said. 

Jefferson also sent a message to the thieves.

"What are we that we have to be so mean? People work hard for what they have, for their money. I don't have a lot, but most people know all you have to do is ask me and I'll give you what I have," she said.

According to the the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office crime-mapping tool, there have been more than 100 crimes -- more than half of them being burglaries and vehicle break-ins -- reported within a half-mile of Jefferson's home since the beginning of the year.