Nassau County Emergency Management 'resuming normal operations'

West Mims Fire situation improving along eastern side


NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. – As firefighters continue to battle the West Mims Fire, conditions along the eastern side have significantly improved, prompting Nassau County emergency management officials to return to normal operations. 

Nassau County Emergency Management director, Billy Estep, advised Nassau County residents that fire crews have been successful in significantly improving the east boundary containment lines on the West Mims Fire.  

A changing weather pattern for the upcoming week gave incident commanders in Nassau County confidence that there is no longer an immediate, looming threat to Nassau County residents. As such, the Nassau County Emergency Operations Center will reduce its heightened activation level and resume normal operations effective 4 p.m.

Nassau County Emergency Management, along with the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office and Nassau County Fire Rescue incident commanders continue to ask residents, especially those bordering Georgia, to remain vigilant for changing conditions regarding the West Mims fire. 

The U.S. Forestry Service, along with several other federal, state and local cooperating agencies, are still fighting the stubborn wildfire. Nassau County residents are warned that the fire is not extinguished and can become a threat to the county if conditions change.

If residents have any questions, they can contact Nassau County Emergency Management at 904-548-0900.