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Dog missing after deadly crash reunited with owner

Michelle Pike reunited with Misha thanks to Brunswick community's help

GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. – A woman whose husband died in a crash last week in Glynn County was reunited Wednesday with her dog, who disappeared in the aftermath of the wreck. 

Michelle "Mickey" Pike; her husband, Kenny Pike; and the couple's dog, named Misha, were traveling on Interstate 95 near Brunswick Friday afternoon when the truck veered off the road, and in an attempt to get back on the road, the force ejected Kenny Pike and Misha from the vehicle.

Kenny Pike, 54, died. Mickey Pike survived, but was injured and taken to a hospital. 

IMAGES: Mickey and Misha reunited in South Carolina

After the crash, Misha ran off, and the Brunswick community began searching for the dog.

News4Jax spoke with Monique Gallagher, Mickey Pike's sister, who said Misha was spotted Monday morning and appeared to be limping but when approached, the dog ran off. 

Gallagher said her sister lost everything in the accident -- her husband and most of their possessions, which were in a trailer. But she said she was holding out hope that Misha could be rescued to give her sister a little bit of peace after her ordeal.

"That dog is their baby. She needs to come home," Gallagher said through tears by phone Monday morning. "My sister needs her."

Hours later, Brunswick resident, Bill Harbrson, stumbled on Misha during a golf cart ride about 5 p.m. Monday.

"(There was) a little puppy laying in the base of the cane, but it was obviously in dire straights. It was totally exhausted, couldn't raise it's head. But it wasn't aggressive, so I went in and got water and food, but it couldn't even do that," Harbrson told News4Jax Tuesday. 

Harbrson found Misha in some brush near his home. He estimated it would have taken her 5 to 10 miles of walking to get there from the crash site. 

Since Misha was shocked, weak and wouldn't move, a team from the Southeast Georgia Vet Clinic brought her to the clinic on a stretcher. 

The vet told News4Jax that Misha suffered a few scratches and some liver bruising from being thrown, but was otherwise doing well.

Harbrson's neighbor, Nancy O'Connor, then contacted Mickey Pike. 

"Once we told her that we were sure it was her dog, she was so excited and just started crying, and I was crying," O'Connor said.

Gloria Burns of Glynn County volunteered to help with the reunion and drove Misha to Spartanburg, S.C., on Wednesday, where the dog was able to give her owner some much-needed love.

After learning Misha had been found, Gallagher told News4Jax Monday night that she appreciated the community's help finding the dog.

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