Police finding 'uncommon' drugs in Gainesville

Dangerous drugs being sold

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Police in Gainesville said that they are encountering a number of different dangerous drugs during ongoing investigations.

Among the drugs found in recent ongoing investigations, police found Heroin, Flakka, THC Gummy Bears, THC Resin, Kief, “Moon Rocks”, and Kratom.  

The Gainesville-Alachua County Drug Task Force said that many dealers don't know what they are selling. In one case, a dealer thought he was selling Ecstacy, when he was actually selling Flakka, 

Flakka, also known as Alpha-PVP, is a synthetic compound that has been proven to be extremely dangerous. It can spike a person’s body temperature to 104 degrees or even higher, causing an elevated blood pressure and death.  Flakka has been linked to multiple cases around the country where people high on the substance have “gone crazy” and killed people, including the Miami face-eating attack several years ago.

Kratom is relatively new to the US.  It’s used in Asia as an anti-diarrheal medicine but has been increasingly used recreationally.  Side effects include severe and prolonged vomiting, constipation, delusions, respiratory depression, tremors, aggressive or combative behavior, psychotic episodes, hallucinations and paranoia.  On top of all that – it’s also been shown to be addictive.

Multiple Cannabis derivatives have also been located in the area.  Parents are especially cautioned to know of their existence.  The items below are not the typical marijuana we’ve seen for years. Users of these derivatives have to trust their dealers regarding what chemicals are actually in them…and most often – the dealers have no idea.  Users that choose to use these derivatives open up their bodies to the possibility of ingesting unknown chemicals at staggering doses.

GALLERY: See the unusual drugs Gainesville police have found

THC-laced gummy bears are becoming more popular.  Parents should know that they look identical to commercially-available candy.

THC Resin or “DAB”, “Butane Honey Oil”, or “Butter” contains a lot of concentrated chemicals that may cause ODs due to the enhanced concentrations.

Kief is a Cannabinoid derivative that is sometimes pressed into cakes or left ground.

“Moon Rocks” are a bud of Cannabis that are covered in hash oil and then rolled in Kief.  They are much stronger than traditional Cannabis.