Man remembered 4 years after hit-and-run crash

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It's been four years since 25-year-old Michael England was killed by a hit-and-run driver.

England's family continues to hold out hope that one day they will know who hit him as he walked home from a night out with friends in the Dinsmore community of Northwest Jacksonville.

Very little is known about the car. Shortly after the crash in 2013, police did say there was a chance that England was hit by a truck.

England’s mother wants people to remember her son for the outgoing, full-of-life man he was. She said she won't rest until there is justice.

The small memorial at Pitts and Slay Roads still stands. The Crime Stoppers sign has faded over time but the pain of losing Michael remains.

"I relive that day, every day. It's just not different, no matter how many years it's been," said his mother, Bridget Massie.

Massie says traveling down that narrow road is still painful, knowing this is where her first child took his last breath.

"It's very hard, knowing that sign has my son's name on it. Knowing that, every time I pass by that road, I won't even look down on it because I know what happened down there,” said Massie.

The last four years has brought big changes for the family. If England was still alive, he would have a nephew. Instead, that child will only know his uncle through stories, pictures, and visits to the cemetery.

"The baby will never get to meet him. It's hard on my other son," said Massie.

As time moves on, Massie's hope is to one day know who did this.

"I hang on, every day. And just hope that someone will do the right thing," said Massie.

After hearing about the recent arrest in another hit-and-run from 2013 in St. Augustine, Massie said that gives her hope that one day her son’s case will be solved.

Anyone with information on this crash is asked to call police.

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