Tax cut package goes to Scott


The Legislature's $91.6 million tax-cut package for next fiscal year was formally sent to Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday.

The package (HB 7109) features three-day sales tax “holidays” for hurricane supplies and for back-to-school shopping and would permanently eliminate sales taxes on feminine-hygiene products --- an issue known as the “tampon tax."

The package, which fell far short of Scott's request for $618.4 million in cuts, also offers a modest reduction to the 6 percent tax on commercial leases.

The lease tax rate would be reduced to 5.8 percent.

The package also includes a series of smaller tax cuts. Scott has until June 1 to sign, veto or let the bill become law without his signature.

The tax holiday for hurricane supplies would start June 2, while the back-to-school holiday would begin Aug. 4.

During the school shopping period, sales taxes would not be charged on clothes, backpacks and footwear costing $60 or less, school supplies that cost $15 or less and personal computers and accessories valued at $750 or less.