Berndt Ends BBQ food truck earns perfect score

Restaurant Reports

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A local food truck was deemed a success story in this week's Restaurant Report Card after receiving a perfect inspection.

Berndt Ends BBQ food truck made its debut at Hemming Park this week.

News4Jax spoke with the owner to see how he keeps his small space clean and up to code while hitting the road finding the best spot to sell food.

"We smoke going down the road," owner and pitmaster Shane Berndt said. "Cars honk. People wave."

Berndt's truck is on the road most of the day and the key to keeping it going is passing his yearly inspection.

"Make sure you follow the same routine every time," Berndt said. "If you make a mess, you have to clean it up. If he comes up to the trailer right now and you have flies and roaches ... guess what? Shut your door and go home."

Cockroaches were the reason a different food truck had to shut down last week. 

Berndt said he considered cleanup operations when had his barbeque truck designed.

"We have a lot more room than a lot of food trucks, so we can move around and we clean a little bit better" Berndt said.

Berndt said since all of the food, except the garlic toast, is on the smoke, he keeps counters covered so cleanup is easier.

The methods have worked because Berndt Ends BBQ's last inspection was perfect with zero violations.


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