Food truck stopped in its tracks when inspector finds roaches

Restaurant Report

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A food truck stopped in its tracks after an inspector finds roaches onboard. It's back rolling now, but not without a thorough check.

El Tacontento Mobile Food Unit was cited with three high priority violations. All of the violations had the potential to make customers sick.

The inspector noted there was no sanitizer of any kind to wash dishes or utensils.  In the meantime, he said they could only use single service items to serve food to customers until sanitizer was available.  Workers were able to correct that violation on-site.

Another serious violation was shredded cheese stored in a cooler with just a small amount of ice. The temperature was checked at 65 degrees. It should have been 41 degrees or lower. The inspector also found sour cream and lettuce that was too warm.  The inspector suggested putting more ice in the cooler or making sure the items were used within and hour and half.

There were also five live roaches inside a cabinet under the sink and one on roach trap paper.  The inspector wrote the manager threw out the trap paper and started to kill and dispose of the roaches.

The inspector came back, almost six hours later.  He opened El Tacontento Mobile Food Unit with zero high priority violations.

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