Woman's story of being stabbed by intruder 'unfounded,' JSO says


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Police said Wednesday that stab wounds suffered by a San Jose woman who claimed she was attacked by an intruder last week were not the result of an attack.

The woman was taken to Memorial Hospital with minor stab wounds, but police said her story about the intruder was determined to be “unfounded” after an investigation.

The initial Jacksonville Sheriff's Office report said the woman was in the kitchen of her Ponce de Leon Avenue home when a man entered. She told police she grabbed a steak knife to defend herself, and the intruder wrestled it from her and stabbed her four times.

Jeffrey Kuper, who was painting a nearby house, heard some commotion, but didn't know what was happening.

"I didn't hear a loud scream or anything like that. It sounded like maybe someone might have fallen or something. That's what it sounded like," Kuper said.