2 years later, mother holds onto hope, seeks justice for daughter

Sharnice Wilson, Marquisha Phillips killed at Panama Park home in June 2015

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It feels as if it’s been forever, not just two years, since Sharnice Wilson was killed, Wilson’s mother said Wednesday.

Sharnice Wilson and Marquisha Phillips were found shot to death in a Panama Park home. No arrests have ever been made.

Wilson’s mother, Ursula Johnson-Early, said she holds out hope that someone can help her find her daughter’s killer.

“She was an outgoing, friendly person,” Johnson-Early said of Wilson.

Photos remind Johnson-Early of her memories with Wilson. It hurts Johnson-Early not to know who killed her daughter and Phillips.

It was June 2015 when a gunman opened fire, killing both women and injuring Wilson’s 2-year-old daughter. The two friends were very close.

“My daughter called Marquisha her godmother,” Johnson-Early said. “They were really good friends and (Phillips) had an impact on (Wilson) growing up.”

Going without answers for two years has been hard on the family. Wilson’s three children have had to adjust to their mom being gone.

“They talk about their mom a lot and how much they miss her,” Johnson-Early said. “They'll tell you what their mom's name is.”

The family hopes that someone who saw something that night on Chestnut Drive will come forward.

“You know, people talk about how they don't want to snitch (and) break that code,” Johnson-Early said. “(But) if it was you, you would want someone to come forward.”

Johnson-Early said she calls investigators from time to time and checks in, asking for updates on her daughter’s case.

Anyone with information is encouraged to leave a tip anonymously by calling Crime Stoppers at 866-845-TIPS.

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