Mother duck quacking with ease after ducklings rescued from storm drain

St. Augustine Fire Department, Public Works rescue ducklings

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – A mallard duck mother can quack a sigh of relief after her four ducklings were rescued from a storm drain by the St. Augustine Fire Department and Public Works.

It wasn’t an easy rescue, officials said.

Firefighters had to shoot water down the drain system from up the street to push the ducklings toward the catch crew. The ducklings were brought out one at a time by a man who, at times, was reaching so far into the drain that another man had to hold on to his feet.

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The mother duck, which was hovering nearby, accepted the first three ducklings gratefully. But when presented with the fourth duckling, she pecked at it, as if annoyed, officials said.

The mother duck eventually took the duckling back and the whole family waddled safely to a nearby pond.