Police: Armed robbery of pizza delivery driver leads to shootout, arrest

Surveillance video from Lem Turner Road business shows incident unfold

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A man was arrested after an armed robbery of a pizza delivery driver led to a shootout Saturday night outside a gaming business on Lem Turner Road, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.  

Priest Jordan, 43, is facing one count of armed robbery with a deadly weapon after investigators said he was seen on surveillance video robbing a pizza delivery man at gunpoint. 

But at some point, police said, the victim turned the table by pulling out a gun, and then the two fired at each other at point-blank range without hitting each other.

Jordan was later arrested after police identified him on the surveillance video. 

News4Jax was granted permission to view the video, but the owner of the business said he was unable to provide a copy of the footage because of legal reasons. 

In the video, the pizza delivery man is first seen walking from the building as the suspect walks from behind a car toward the pizza delivery man and pulls out a gun. 

According to an arrest report, the suspect told the delivery driver, "I seen them give you the money but I am not gonna kill you cause you might have kids," and "Give me the keys."

The video then shows the delivery driver handing over his cash and car keys.

The driver backed away, walking around a white car, as the suspect got into the car. At this point, another surveillance camera picks up the action from a different angle, showing the suspect get out of the car and aim his gun at the victim, who pulls out his own gun.

Police said the two began firing shots at each other at point blank range. Neither man hit each other or anyone else.

The video then shows the suspect running off. 

Detectives said the crystal clear surveillance video allowed them to identify the suspect as Jordan, who they had recently seen when he was arrested two months ago on drug charges. 

Early Sunday morning, police said, Priest was arrested following a vehicle pursuit and booked into the Duval County Jail.

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