Proposed pilot program allowing backyard hens in Neptune Beach moves forward

Ordinance approved on first read at Monday's City Council meeting

File photo
File photo

NEPTUNE BEACH, Fla. – The Neptune Beach City Council voted Monday night to move forward with a proposal for a pilot program allowing backyard hens. 

The City Council approved the ordinance on first read.

The ordinance will be voted on again July 5. If it passes, it will then become law.

The city of Neptune Beach has been discussing plans to enact the pilot program, and many Neptune Beach residents are clucking over the idea that they can have backyard hens.

It’s a discussion that’s ruffled some feathers in the past but, currently, most Neptune Beach people seem open to the idea of bringing farm life to the beach.

The ordinance would allow 25 people to have a maximum of five chickens in their backyard, in a coop. No roosters would be allowed. 

Anyone who wants hens would have to take a class to get a certificate, and then apply for a coop permit.