Ex-teacher who had sex with student sentenced

Virginia Hinckley will spend 6 months in jail, then house arrest, probation

Booking photo of Virginia Hinckley
Booking photo of Virginia Hinckley

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – A former St. Augustine High teacher who pleaded no contest to having unlawful sex with a minor, one of her students, was sentenced Wednesday to six months in jail, followed by 12-months house arrest, and six years probation as a sex offender.

Virginia Hinckley pleaded no contest on May 8 to the charge.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, the 16-year-old student said he became “flirty” with Hinckley, 26, his English teacher, days after school began and that he and others commented on how she was pretty and how he “tickled” her.

The student initially asked for Hinckley's phone number. She said no, but the following day when he asked again, she gave it to him and told him not to tell anyone, the warrant said.

The two began exchanging text messages, including nude photos, according to the student. He said Hinckley sent him photos of her breasts and other body parts, the warrant said.

According to the warrant, the student would often go to Hinckley's classroom after school, and when they were alone one day -- on or around Aug. 18 -- they began kissing and touching. It said she suggested that they go to Treaty Park, on Wildwood Drive, and she followed him there.

The student got out of his vehicle and sat in the front seat of Hinckley's vehicle, where they kissed before moving to the back seat and having unprotected sex, the warrant said.

Later that day, Hinckley sent the student a text message that said, “You better keep your mouth shut about this.”

They continued exchanging text messages for about a week and then stopped all communication, the warrant said.

Hinckley denied going to Treaty Park to have sex with the student. Her vehicle was seized and swabbed for DNA after deputies obtained a search warrant.

Hinckley was suspended with pay in October pending the outcome of the sheriff’s office and school investigation, according to the St. Johns County school district.