Community gathers to honor Fiamma shooting victims

Vigil held for 5 killed in workplace shooting

ORLANDO, Fla. – Family, friends and strangers gathered Wednesday evening to honor the men and woman who were fatally shot at an Orange County business Monday morning, WKMG reports.

A vigil began at 7 p.m. at the Glory Center Church, which is just feet away from where a disgruntled Fiamma, Inc. ex-employee opened fire on his former coworkers, leaving five of them dead before turning the gun on himself.

Deputies said Kevin Clark, 53; Kevin Lawson, 46; Robert Snyder, 69; Jeffrey Roberts, 57 and Brenda Montanez-Crespo, 44, were killed Monday. Shooter John Robert Neumann also died as a result of his self-inflicted injuries.

Glory Center Church senior pastor, the Rev. Daniel Ings, said he didn't know any of the victims but still felt compelled to help.

"Just watching the news, recognizing that this is someone's parents, someone's spouse. Mentor, just you know, manager of a job. So many individuals are affected on so many levels," Ings said.

Ings contacted area churches and other nearby organizations to plan a vigil.

"I think the impact is coming from a place where we're showing love to individuals that we don't know in a personal way and recognizing, when you hurt we hurt," Ings said.

Todd Bluewater said he knew three of the victims, and he appreciates that local leaders are willing to come together to honor the lives lost. 

"I thought it was a very nice gesture upon this pastor who's doing this thing tonight. I have never met him before, but he was very sincere in what he was doing and I think he's going to say a lot of powerful words to help the community."

During the vigil, mourners embraced one another as prayers were recited and songs were sung.

"Somehow, some way we're going to get through this," Lawson's daughter Kelsey said.

Orange County Commissioner Emily Bonilla offered her condolences. 

"I'm just so sorry. As a commissioner I think of what we can do to prevent things from happening, but some things are just beyond our control," Bonilla said.

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