DEA releases updated list of code names for drugs

Words like 'chinese food,' 'flea market jeans' listed as nicknames for drugs


HOUSTON – An unclassified intelligence report from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration lists the various nicknames for the most commonly used narcotics in the U.S. -- some of them, such as Oyster Stew, Kangaroo and He-man, were somewhat offbeat.

An executive summary of the May 2017 report states the names came from "a variety of law enforcement and open sources." The report is intended to serve as a reference manual for authorities as they attempt to identify drugs they may come across in the field.

The DEA said every effort was made to ensure the information was as accurate as possible, but said additions, deletions and corrections are inevitable in the always-changing world of narcotics.

Some of the most surprising phrases to make the list: Tootsie Roll, Newspapers, Girl Scout Cookies, Toyota and Jelly Babies.

See the full report below: